Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Wearable Wadder OOP V7342

Happy New Year and all that jazz!!!
Once again Ann is hosting Jungle January. I think this is the first time in I've done an entry with time leftover to make something else.
I've had this pattern in my stash since it first came out. In 1988! I've always wanted to make it in animal print. Some sort of faux fur. But seeing it made up 27 years later leaves me feeling kind of meh. It is wearable and kinda cute; I just feel "matronly" in it. Maybe when I'm buffed and coiffed I'll feel differently. It's made from Velboa (was that around 27 years ago?)  A long time ago, I bought two yards of this print. Then in 2013 I decided I wanted to make a car coat, so I headed to Joann's with a swatch. They didn't have a perfect match, but what they had was workable. I used it in the under collar.  Maybe it's the half inch shoulder pads the pattern called for. Yes, I inserted them. I should have altered the sleeves to accommodate a smaller pad. I should have bagged the lining to save myself all of the hand stitching required. Maybe it's the seam that runs down the centre of the upper collar. The under collar is all one piece. I wanted to sew this straight out of the envelope and it took me the better part of the weekend but I was determined to complete it. Looking at the photos, I can see the collar is wonky. I assure you it's sits straight-I was in a rush to have the photos taken, but seeing her on display like this, I like they way she looks. Can't promise that I won't add to my stash this year, but I am going to keep the UFO's at bay. Complete it or toss it in 2015 that's my motto.




Tanya said...

I like the jacket, the fabric is lovely.

AllisonC said...

I think it looks great, reminds me a lot of a couple of Donna Karan coat patterns from just a year or two ago.

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