Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Back. Again

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Yes, I know it' s been a long while since I've last posted.

But I promise (kinda, sorta)that, in 2011, I'll do better.

I've got a lot of goals for this year. First off a tally:
Fabric in: 144.75 yds. Fabric out: 90 yds. This does not include the three trash bags full of fabric that was donated to my local thrift store. My niece estimated the yardage in my home to be in the high 4-digits. Looks like I'm back to stash busting.

Last September, Zoe, hosted Self-Stitched September. Needless to say, I didn't like much of anything I wore and therefore didn't post any photos. This resulted in a majour closet cleanout. Five trashbags of clothing and two bags of shoes and handbags were donated to various local thrift stores and charity. I realized I had "outgrown" most of clothing. Not size, but the style. As I am about to enter a new decade of my life, I want to be less boho and more sleek. So I am embarking on Building a Lifetime Wardrobe with Sarah and Jacki. I need to create things that I will love for a while. I'm not really interested in sewing items that will last 10 or 20 years, but I still want well-made items in my wardrobe. And I want things that coordinate. Work with each other. Match. I do NOT own a white blouse. Why not? It's the one item that would pull so many of my orphans together. I've joined Barbara on the Never Too Many White Shirts Project. I've also signed up for the Stitchers Guild 12 in 2011. Jackets, that is. They don't have to be tailored, nor do they have to be an actual jacket. Just a topper of some sort. One item a month. Should be doable, right? I've got the first one cut out. It's part of my self-imposed SWAPs. More on that later.

My goal this year, is to sew a number of items that I love by my birthday. Regan created 32 Things. As for my number of items, I'll let you know when I'm getting close. There are a lot of sew-alongs taking place. So I am bound to find any information I may need should a problem arise. Perhaps, I'll learn a new way of doing something. Sunni is hosting a trouser sew-along; Gertie is currently running the Crepe sew-along. A few months ago, she hosted the Lady Grey sew-along. Cennetta, Caroline and Erica are stitching up wonderful creations and Em is re-doing her entire wardrobe. She was ruthless when going through her closet and streamlined her sewing projects down to a few dynamic colours and a great combination of classic, trendy and vintage styles. Peter is in a class all by himself. I truly enjoy his work. He's both fierce and fearless. Love him! Lori has sewn some wonderful handbags. She's also an enabler. LOL. I love to see what Sharon is doing. It's usually the latest pattern done in a fresh and funky way. I always appreciate her sewing tips. Trena, Faye, and Carol have done such amazing amount of sewing. I would take Carol's wardrobe if given the chance.

Okay, I think I've blathered on enough. Did I mention I am also participation in the Vintage SewAlong hosted by Joann. if you love vintage, check out Debi and Steph. I'll need your help deciding which pattern to work on.

Well, it seems I am going to have a very busy year. I look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing and reducing my stash.


Sheila said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year. Looking forward to your 2011 creations.

Big in Japan said...

Sounds ambitious, looking forward to more posts from you!

Happy new year!

alethia said...

Happy New Year and I am looking forward to 2011

Aminat said...

Welcome back.....looking forward to all your wonderful creations