Thursday, October 28, 2010

Buttons-part of the giveaway

My friend's grandfather used to be a tailor. She cleaned out the attic and gave my four large freezer bags of buttons. I am still sorting through them. She gave me the button filled cookie tin. I don't think I'll need to buy buttons for the rest of my life! The items to the left of the second photo are not studs! They're buttons! I am particular about the silver crested buttons. And I love the green crested ones. (first photo). They don't seem to be made from nickel, but sterling silver (last photo). I am having them checked out. Check out the motif on the silver button in the photo with the amber buttons. It looks like an Egyptian charioteer! Some of these will be part of the upcoming giveway.


Carol said...

What a fantastic score! I love buttons. I find that sometimes an outfit is inspired by a partcular button I've found. Keep some out where you can see them and see where your mind goes.

Debra Martin said...

Your button tin brought back memories from the 1960s when I would visit my Grandmother. She had a big tin full of buttons that she would bring out and let me play with. She would thread a yarn needle for me and I would sting up a bunch of buttons to wear as a necklace.

:)Deb M.

Couture Carrie said...

Pretty buttons!


Carolyn said...

This is an amazing collection of buttons! And yes, I can see why you may never have to buy a button in your life...!
Like you, I love sifting through my button collection too. Some of them bring back lovely old memories and these I treasure!

Anonymous said...

I have complete button envy!! What beauties!

Cennetta said...

Happy New Year, Angela! God bless.