Friday, January 9, 2009

I've been abducted

I have more UFO's than I thought (in the house anyway-I have some UFO's that are two decades old in an off site storage unit. Those don't count, right? Besides, they'll come back in style. With a few alterations, they'll be ready for 2009...) Four skirts: three wrap and one pencil. Last night, I sewed the mustard and the khaki (which I am wearing today). I can't find the tie for the winter white one. The pencil is cut from leftover fabric from a shirt I made my son in 2006. Black cotton printed fabric cut into strips to make a tiered skirt, given to me by my sister, April 07. Do you recognize the Simplicity pattern in the upper right hand corner? I bought this at 50% off. Usually, I'm a 1.99 girl. But I had to have it. I was feeling the 1940's vibe when I cut out the dress. I bought the cutest high heeled ghillies to go with it. The McCall's tops are from my hot to trot days. Perhaps, they're still wearable with a bolero or shrug. Two jackets for my son. One suede, the other fleece. They've been cut and pinned since Jan 08

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