Friday, January 9, 2009

The tale of two t-shirts and two dresses.

Back in the day, when I was hot to trot, I used to go out in these slinky knit slip dresses that I picked up at Rave and body lotion. And just what am I doing with a crop top, at my age? My son calls me a fossil, but, I love what is says, "I'm no Angel!" How appropriate. So, I sliced and diced, mixed, tossed, actually, serged and sewed the pieces with another black t-shirt and the black and white tiger print from my stash. A few weeks ago, I wore it to work (at a graphics design studio, in case you were wondering where does she work that allows slinky animal prints). I'm no longer hot to trot. Smoldering, is more like it. Purrrfect!


Cennetta said...

Fantastic. Girl, you are so creative. I think all children think their parents are fossil or very, very old. lol

KARIMA said...

Very nice indeed.

Elle said...

Now that is what your call 're-fashion', and you call my style fearless! You wear it awesomely too.