Saturday, October 15, 2011

Warning! Accessory Overload

You can be better dressed when you own a lot of stuff. You see someone looking fantastic, and you say Ah yes, she knew just the sweater, belt scarf to buy to put that look together. Probably not true! She very likely did it with the stuff she already owns plus a little of it is new. You can put together a great look more easily with enough different belts, bracelets scarves to choose from. ~~Having It All by Helen Gurley Brown, 1982

When I read this book years ago, I was in the military, prior to that I was in parochial school. There were few times that civilian clothing and accessories were needed in my wardrobe. But on travels I've accumulated quite a collection of bits and baubles. All of which I love. I joined in on Toy's Accessory Hop, hoping to have an Autumn accessory story to share with you. I thought about it all week but couldn't narrow it down. Depending on my mood, I'll grab anything off the wall (the necklaces are hanging by thumbtacks on one wall in my bedroom!) Toss on a belt, an armful of bracelets, step into pumps/booties/boots and finish off with earrings and a gele (always!).
If I did these post right, this is third in the trio and should be at the very top of the blog. And it should be Saturday.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

WOW this is "very" impressive!
Being in the Military (32 years this Oct) I only wear gold studs and have a teeny tiny assortment of accessories. Even when wearing civilians I very rarely wear accessories, maybe this will change when I retire for good :))
I look foward to your posts.

alethia said...

Accessories are a must in a woman's wardrobe, accessories are like icing on a cake. I just love them to death and I own a tons of them.

Cennetta said...

Beautiful accessories. They can make the average outfit pop.

narcissaqtpie said...

Whooo! I'm about to come shopping over there :) You have some nice pieces.