Thursday, February 25, 2010

Style Signature or Signature Style?

How do you ladies do it? How do you sew and maintain a blog on an almost daily basis? And I know, it's daily, because I visit some of you almost everyday. At home, I don't even think of getting on the computer. My son takes the photos and I post them during my lunch at work or very early before everyone arrives. That's why my reviews are short and sweet. Some of you post to PR as well as maintain your own blogs. I commend you for that. You keep things very interesting and inspire many of us. I love to see what you do.
Okay, so lately, you noticed a rash of activity coming from me. You see, my stash has gotten out of control! When I started this blog I posted photos of the ridiculous amount of cloth I have. Then the local Joann's was closing, and everything was reduced. And all that fabric, notions and yarn needed a nice home. But OMG!!! My house had exploded. I experienced CHAOS! (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome).There is fabric coming out of every available closet or room. I even bought some of those huge storage tubs. I think the fabric propagates while I am asleep. So I've given up sleep for a while, that way I can see what is going on when the lights are turned off. LOL. Well, I've entered the stash contest on PR. By posting here and there I can chronicle what I've done and the yardage I've sewn. Actually, I am sleeping quite well after having completed something. I've even completed a few UFO's. Three more left! I've finished my son's jacket just in time. I cut it out two years ago! He probably won't be able to or want to wear it next year. I'll post those pics next week. I am at a point where my wardrobe needs to freshen up. I want new things.

Coco had pearls, Marilyn had diamonds, Audrey had the LBD, Lagerfeld used to have a fan, now he has Hedi Slimane. For Diane Vreeland it was red and it's big, black sunglasses for Anna Wintour. For me, it's a gele. I guess some would call it "signature style". I prefer to say it's a "style signature", because it's the finalization at the end of your statement. Meaning, your not dressed without it.
What's your style signature? What do you always put on no matter what you're wearing?


Carol said...

Boring as it sounds, I think my signature is my shoes. I never wear the same pair two days in a row and they are usually where an outfit starts. I have made many garments because of a pair of shoes.

Uta said...

Glasses. And wearing my hair up; I can't stand more than 10 minutes of it hanging in my face. You've made some beautiful stuff recently!

sanjeet said...

I have made many garments because of a pair of shoes.
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