Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ugly Fabric- I need your votes!

I've entered the Ugly Fabric Contest on PatternReview. Here's what I found in my stash. Vote for your favourite and help me decide which one to enter. 

#1: I think this speaks for itself, but in case it doesn't: argyle and cheetah, Pepto pink. Need I go on?
#2: From afar, they look like big polka dots, right?
#3: I liked the colour combo and it's %100 cotton. I had visions of cocktails by the pool.
#4: Tie dye, butterflies, sparkle on a knit. Was the tie dye intentional? Why?
#5: I love animal prints. But all at once?! Okay, I didn't buy this one! My sister "palmed" it off on me. All 6 yards of it. How kind.
#6: It was the animal print that got me. Can't explain about the funky checkered pattern, though. The two sisters- Poly & Ester and their cousin Doubleknit, leave something to be desired.


Myra said...

I think #1 does it, just because it is so unusual... What do you think you can do with it, a maxi dress???

Antoinette said...

I'd vote #1 or #6. Curious to see what you make from the fabric you choose. Something tells me it will be pretty fabulous!

Gabriella said...

I like number #1 and #2. The pink in #1 is so cheery! As for #2, well, who doesn't love hard boiled eggs? :)

Anonymous said...

#3 for me! I can see you by the water in this - it'll be fabulocity!

jacqui m. said...

I am going to go with number 2 the dots. I am just not feeling them at all.

Anonymous said...

i think the all-animal print is the most difficult to work with--so busy. i can't picture it flattering any body type.

Mary Nanna said...

wow - they're all great contenders. I think the "eyes" have it for me though, because they'd be super difficult to make something really beautiful out of... can't wait to see what you make, each of those fabrics has its challenges!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

#4 is the super ugliest in my mind, but I can't imagine something you would wear out of it!

#5 has the most potential for being ugly yet wearable in my mind.

Trudy Callan said...

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Lindsay T said...

I'll go with 4 or 5. Have fun!

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

I'm with #1 to. I will check on pattern review to vote.