Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One of my first recon attempts

I have always loved Elsa. Schiaparelli, that is. These are two of her designs. A long, long time ago, I attempted a recon. The jacket is from the 40's and I bought it before eBay  and better adhesives came into existence. I was going for something Schiaperalli-esque. I love her work. I know most people love Chanel and I do too. But no one did embellishments like Elsa. No used zips or new materials the way she did. So, a broken beaded necklace became the "sequins". I wore the jacket for one day, before they started falling off. I used a hair dryer to remove the rest. Now, I'm looking at glue spots. What to do, what to do? I used fabric paint and painted over the spots and sewed on the ribbon trim. The jacket became Angela-esque. As we say in the West Indies, "Every spoil is a style."