Monday, November 30, 2015

Living My Life Like It's Golden-M6884

Hi! Remember me?
On July 27, I was made redundant. It was the day before my birthday. Since it was my birthday week, I did something enjoyable every single day. The following week, I concluded that I didn't want to go back to corporate life. So, after 36 years I decided to return to school. I'm pursuing a degree in counseling psychology. I thought on line classes would be easier but I'm in accelerated program. Five weeks per class. That means I'm in class everyday for several hours. That leaves me almost no time for sewing. But I did manage to make a Galinda dress (M7271 bodice, S1093 neckpiece  & S1876 skirt) for friends birthday. She won first prize! More details to come when I get her professional pictures.

I had a function to attend in Texas a few weeks ago. The theme: Living My Life Like It's Golden. Everyone was encouraged to wear, all shades of yellow. Or gold. I made this dress a few hours before my flight. I worked with view D, leaving off the tie and using the sleeves from view B. I re-drafted the front without the opening, but created a side opening in the underlay. I didn't want any leg showing, but I need to move and dance!




Sheila said...

Congrats on your new venture and wishing you all the best. Great outfits !!!

Sheila said...

Congrats on your new venture and wishing you all the best. Great outfits !!!

Tee said...

Both gowns are stunning!!!!!

Summer Flies said...

Sensational gold gown! You look fantastic in it. Good luck with your studies.

Unknown said...

Congratulation!! it was a memorable day. Really both gowns are stunning.

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Chloe said...

You are gorgeous with golden dress on. This color is just right for you. It shows your wonderful shape.

Kyle said...

Hi Angela!
You won one of the calendars--can you please send me your address so I can send it out?

Joe said...

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