Thursday, February 6, 2014

M6844/M6654 and Stash Confessional

This peplum jacket has been reviewed a gazillion times on PR. It is a fast and easy make. Just measure the finished length of the front band and compare it to the the finished length of the jacket before you cut. My peplum is the finished length of C with an even hemline. The skirt has enjoyed several reviews as well. The length of my version is between view C & D. I eliminated the waistband piece and attached the elastic using this method.
I know I should be working on "basics" for my wardrobe, but after careful deliberation I realized an animal print, particularly leopard is a neutral, therefore a basic, in my book. I see these pieces working with ivory, brown, black, red and ode green.

 This is how I've been keeping track (more or less) of my stash. I got the measurement table from PR a couple years ago. I printed two on card stock and then laminated them. The other one I keep in my wallet. Last year I purchased 22 yards and stitched up 16.5 yards. Neither totals include the fabric I inherited from my friend after her mum has passed nor the dance costumes I've created.
But that was last year. No point in beating myself up. Above you can see my input/output totals so far for 2014.  Here are my totals for January, ended with a negative yardage count, meaning the yardage sewn wasn't less than what I bought. So far my leopard outfit has used 3.125 yds. leaving an outstanding balance of 2.5 yds to be sewn to bring me back into balance. My goal is to end the month with a positive number.

Even though I haven't officially taken this pledge, my goal is to reduce my stash as much as possible.

Stashbusting Pledge
 "I, _______,commit to using ____ pieces of stash fabric in 2013. Additional option: I also commit to not buying any new fabric/patterns/ notions except for _______ until ______." 

 Maybe after I've purchased one more animal print in a colourway that I've been dying to have.

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Tee said...

That seems like a great idea. Seeing your accomplishments like that has to be encouraging. Maybe I'll start tracking my use of fabrics from my stash. Right now, I'm packing 2 boxes to give to 4-H.