Saturday, October 15, 2011

Digits, Tootsies, Pearls & Chains

HGB says when buying accessories, it can't be junk. The quality must be okay. I bought the Duchess of Windsor set (there's a fancy name for this. Anyone know what it is?) and the carnelian and pearl necklaces from Avon over 20 years ago. I often shop street fairs and hair shows for pieces made with cowries and have no issue visiting Rugged Warehouse for a current trendy piece. And I love Avenue for large scale beauties! You just have to have a keen eye. For smaller pairs of earrings, I bought one of those multiple drawer units that is usually filled with screws and kept in the garage. These earrings are too large for it. Some are on the wall. But I think I need to do this. What a cool idea!

A basket of gloves that I keep near the front door. And some of my neutral shoes. When in doubt go with a nude shoe. When it's gloomy outside, I like to add a flower pin. Cheers me up.

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