Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still No Black-Refashion of Sorts

Wednesday's outfit was brown and pink with accessories of amber and bronze. The skirt was a long wrap skirt I had made two summers ago. The I was able to re-work it into an A-line and still keep the border print. Look closely, my son glued on blue "jewels" for a little pop.
Today, I wanted to wear orange. I love this top. It's of the few retail purchases that I have no regrets about buying. Bought several years ago, when orange wasn't in fashion, it has served me well. I am wearing it with a skirt that I made from a tablecloth I found in a thrift store last year. I love the print and the cottony texture. This is another item that will work with a sage green top. (I found the fabric in my stash, after all)
Last night, I went to Joann's to meet a client. After discussing business, she presented me with a $25 gift card. This fabric cost $22 for 4.5 yards. Another maxi dress is in my future. I do have a few things on my "lust" list that I may go back for. We'll see. I am placing a small order with They have free shipping with a purchase of $35 or more. No, that does not mean free fabric as Trena thought, so I won't get carried away. LOL. I am just going to take advantage of their clearance fabrics. Plain colours, some basics. You know, just to cleanse the palate.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

These outfits are gorgeous! I love the pink print and the orange is such a beautiful color.

I just sent you an email replying to your kind offer. I am thrilled you found the fabric. Thank you so much.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Gorgeous summer color!